Six Challenges. Six Principles.

Six basic human challenges in three (categories): 

  • Decisions & Behavior (Brains)
  • Health & Fitness (Bodies)
  • Conflict & Cooperation (Tribes)

Six principles to tackle the six challenges:


We humans are rational. We make decisions based on knowledge, wisdom and memory.


We humans are emotional. Our decisions are influenced by our perception of risk, opportunity and our role in society.


We humans are anti-fragile. Cycles of stress and recovery make us stronger.


We humans are natural born heroes. We have a blend of strength, endurance and coordination which provides extraordinary physical capacity.


We humans are selfish. We are at all times individuals. Conflict is generated by disagreements over the allocation of attention, support and resources.


We humans are social. We are at all times members of society. We are innately aware of vision, unity and boundaries.