Updated: December 2017

Current Efforts: 

  • Tribes: Technology & Conflict
  • Brains & Bodies: Choosing Food
  • Brains & Tribes: Planning for the future

Slow Burns:

  • Brains:¬†Mental Models
  • Brains: Emotions
  • Brains: Happiness
  • Brains: Accelerated Learning
  • Bodies: Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid
  • Bodies: Exercise
  • Tribes: Layers of Conflict
  • Tribes: Writing & Storytelling
  • Tribes: Beliefs, Attention & Effort
  • Tribes: Meetings
  • Tribes: Livelihoods of the Future. What will we do? How will we provide for our families? How will we contribute to our communities?

Past Projects

Brains & Bodies: Research on the evidence base supporting the U.S. Dietary Guidelines on fat.